Why was fleur delacour so bad?

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She was attacked by an Imperiused Krum. And unlike in past Triwizard Tournaments, where cheating and deaths were quite common, the Champions in this Tournament are forbidden from attacking, harming, or sabotaging another Champion. So she would have been completely caught off guard when Krum attacked her.

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One may also ask, Why did the Weasleys not like Fleur?

Molly weasley hated her because she hated Fleur's attitude and thought Bill and her arr rushing into things. Overall, Fleur was a brave character who loved her husband. Initially, she comes off as shallow but she has a selfless heart .

Just so, What did Viktor Krum do to Fleur?. To achieve this, he used Moody's magical eye to find Fleur in the maze and stun her. ... As he patrolled around the labyrinth hedge, he stunned Fleur Delacour and used the Imperius Curse on Viktor to get rid of Cedric, but Viktor Krum was stunned by Harry.

One may also ask, Does Fleur's sister die?

No, she would have not died. But Harry Potter allowed Fleur Delacour to believe that. :) Mischief managed! On the night James and Lily Potter died, James was ready to die for Lily and Harry.

Is Fleur Delacour good?

Loyalty meant a great deal to Fleur, as shown by her desire to stay friends and support Harry long after the events of Goblet of Fire. Also, she's shown to be fierce and brave – well, she was a Triwizard Champion for a reason.

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Why does Ginny call Fleur phlegm?

Ginny disliked her for her general attitude towards everything; she gave Fleur the nickname "Phlegm". Its partly because it sounds similar to Fleur and partly to make fun of Fleur's throaty accent.

Does Draco Malfoy kiss anyone?

Draco Malfoy had just taken Hermione Granger into his arms and was kissing her passionately. It wasn't just that, though, it was also what he had said. ... These words were echoing over and over again in Hermione's head.

Who did Cho Chang marry?

After the two became amicable with one another, you'd think Cho and Harry might have had stayed in touch after vanquishing Voldemort, but that's just not the case as Harry moved on to marrying Ginny, and it seems Cho was done with the Wizarding world altogether as she married a Muggle man.

Why did fleur not save her sister?

Fleur Delacour failed to finish the second task because she was attacked by the grindylows. Because Delacour failed to finish, she never retrieved her younger sister, Gabrielle.

Why did Fleur bring her sister?

Harry knew Gabrielle because she was Fleur's most precious someone during the 2nd task of the Tri-Wizard tournament. She did not arrive at Hogwarts with the Beauxbatons school, she was later fetched for the task itself. If Fleur had not been a participant, Gabrielle would never have been at Hogwarts.

Is Viktor Krum evil?

Viktor Krum is a great example of what a non evil Slytherin would look like. He's in a place associated with the dark arts, and has that same slytherin reputation.

Who is Viktor Krum's crush?

Viktor became attracted to Hermione Granger shortly after his arrival at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and spent a lot of time in the library, trying to find the courage to talk to her.

Did Hermione and Krum sleep together?

Originally Answered: Did Hermione sleep with Viktor Krum? No. Keep in mind that for her entire fourth year she was 15 - a year under the age of consent in the non-magical world. And even if the magical world had different rules, she would still have been raised by parents who taught her better.

Did Cho Chang marry Dudley?

Cho didn't marry Dudley!

Was Ginny jealous of Cho?

Ginny Weasley was very jealous of Cho Chang, though she tried not to show it, and Harry didn't pick up on Ginny's feelings while he dated Cho. Well, he was focused on Cho and how to act around her, and Ginny was dating at the same time, so Harry didn't know Ginny felt romantic towards him.

Why do the Weasleys hate Percy?

Percy Weasley just wanted to be successful and he would do anything to become successful. He was obsessed with the Ministry which led to him believing everything they say, and therefore calling his family liars.

Who was the prettiest girl in Harry Potter?

1. Hermione Granger. Hermione Granger, our leading female protagonist from the Harry Potter movies is no doubt the most attractive and one of the hottest characters of the movie. She is the one we would call beauty with brains as she is one of the brightest students of Hogwarts as well.

How did Hermione die?

On April 16, Riddle sets a mountain troll made immune to sunlight on Hermione to kill her. Harry and Fred and George Weasley come help her. ... Voldemort and Harry revive Hermione using a dark ritual and the Philosopher's Stone to repair her body and the True Patronus charm to spark her back to life.