Who is ergon energy?

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Ergon Energy is a subsidiary company of Energy Queensland Limited (EQL) a Government owned corporation owned by the Government of Queensland. ... Ergon was formed in 1999 by the Queensland Government, from the then six regional Queensland electricity distributors and their subsidiary retailers.

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Also to know, What is Ergon Energy network?

Ergon Energy Network builds and maintains the electricity distribution network for regional Queensland. Visit Ergon Energy Network for information about: Planned and unplanned outages, and updates on power restoration in your area. ... Electricity safety for residents, businesses and our staff.

Simply so, What is Ergon Energy responsible for?. Ergon Energy's responsibilities. Our responsibilities as a distribution network service provider include: Maintaining the safety and reliability of the network. Connecting new customers.

Keeping this in consideration, What is Ergon mean?

Ergon, concept from Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics that is most often translated as function, task, or work.

Is Ergon Energy in NSW?

The Ergon Energy Network runs from the Toowoomba and Gympie region, south to the border with NSW and out as far west as Mount Isa and Burketown.

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Are Ergon and Energex the same?

Energex is a government-owned corporation which supplies customers in South East Queensland. Ergon Energy is a government-owned corporation which supplies customers in regional Queensland.

Is Energex Australian owned?

Energex is an Australian electric power distribution company owned by the Queensland Government.

What does Ergon mean in the Bible?

Kalon ergon is one of them, meaning a 'good work,' a meritorious.

What does Aristotle mean by Ergon?

To resolve this issue, Aristotle asks what the ergon (“function”, “task”, “work”) of a human being is, and argues that it consists in activity of the rational part of the soul in accordance with virtue (1097b22–1098a20). ... Aristotle's conclusion about the nature of happiness is in a sense uniquely his own.

Can I build a shed under power lines?

Although not usually endorsed by power providers, a shed can be built below a power line.

Can you build under powerlines?

The most important safe practice is this: Avoid bringing yourself, or any object you are holding, too close to an overhead power line. In other words, do not lift, elevate, build or pass under a power line with any object, equipment, facility or vehicle that could come close to the energized wires.

Who owns Energy Queensland?

Energy Queensland is the group of electricity distribution, retail and energy services businesses 100% owned by the state of Queensland. As a Government Owned Corporation, we deliver electricity across Queensland through our 'poles and wires' businesses Energex and Ergon Energy Network.

How do I check my Ergon bill?

Using our 24/7 automated phone system. Simply call 13 10 46 and follow the prompts.

How do I pay my Ergon bill?

Online via credit card

Pay your bill online with Visa or Mastercard via our BPOINT portal. You'll need the BPOINT reference number shown on the payment slip on your bill. This service is supported by the Commonwealth Bank and is located on a separate website to the Ergon Energy website.

How do I cancel my Ergon account?

If you need to close your account only, please complete our simple online form and one of our representatives will close your account and notify you via email once complete.

What does works mean in Greek?

The ancient Greek for Work is ergon. But the original Mycenaean greek has a digamma (F, and wounding like a “w”) as the initial letter, It is likely that, given the influence of Greek in emerging non-Romance languages, that the greek for 'work', pronounced “wergon” may have part in its etymology.

Who is the CEO of Energex?

Bruce Lisle - President and CEO - Energex Corporation | LinkedIn.

Is Origin the same as Energex?

ORIGIN Energy will undergo a fundamental restructuring of its business after the Queensland Government announced yesterday that the company had paid $1.2 billion for power retailer Energex. ... Origin chief executive Grant King said the acquisition doubled Origin's core business and would allow better economies of scale.