Who is dozier middle school named after?

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Dozier Middle: In 1972, the Newport News School Board voted to name a new school after 27-year board member John Marshall Dozier, Jr. (1903-1979), who grew up in Newport News and attended local schools.

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Keeping this in mind, Who is JM Dozier Jr?

J.M. Dozier Jr. served as a member of the Warwick and Newport News school boards from 1945 to 1972 - the last 15 years as chairman of the Newport News board. Shortly after he quit, the board decided to name a school, Dozier Middle School, after him. He died in 1979.

One may also ask, Who was Horace H Epes?. According to the SCLC, Horace Hardaway Epes was a Confederate soldier who fought with VMI Corps of Cadets in Richmond trenches until it disbanded on Apr. 2, 1865.

Likewise, people ask, Who is Crittenden Middle School named after?

Introduction. Flora D. Crittenden Middle School, in Newport News, is named for Crittenden, a teacher, school counselor, and member of the House of Delegates who exemplifies her belief that education is the key to success.

When was Gildersleeve Middle School built?

Intermediate School was completed in October 1974. Gildersleeve Middle: Ethel May Gildersleeve (1898-1991) was a graduate, teacher, dean of girls and assistant principal at Newport News High School where she served from 1920 until her retirement in 1964.

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