Which two incidents affect the life of douglas?

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His experience of drowning at the YMCA pool had a very deep impact on Douglas. He became extremely terrorised and fearful of death. He had experienced both the sensation of dying and the terror that fear of it can produce. So his will to live grew in intensity.

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Also Know, What are the two incidents in Douglas life?

At the age of three or four Douglas was once knocked down by the waves at the California beach. The waves swept over him and he was buried under them. To get rid of this fear he joined the Y.M.C.A. pool to learn swimming.

Similarly, it is asked, Which two incidents in the life of William Douglas before he was 10 years old created an Aversionin his mind toward water?. (ii) Which two incidents in the life of William Douglas before he was ten years old created an aversion in his mind to water. [3] [2019 D SET-III] Answer: (ii) As a boy, Douglas was scared of water a lot.

Correspondingly, Which two frightening experiences did Douglas have in water in his childhood?

He was almost drowned and his lungs were full of water. he was simultaneously making the useless efforts to come on the surface. When he found back his consciousness, he finds himself lying near the pool. These two frightening experiences from his childhood the author had shared with us.

What incident nearly killed Douglas?

Answer : The incident which nearly killed Douglas occurred when he was ten or eleven years old. He had decided to learn swimming at the YMCA pool, and thus get rid of his fear of water. One morning, when he was alone at the pool, waiting for others, a big bully of a boy tossed him into the deep end of the pool.

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Why did Douglas avoid the pool whenever he could?

Q:- Why did Douglas avoid the pool whenever he could? Douglas had had an aversion to the water from the very beginning. It started when he was three or four years old and his father had taken him to the beach in California. ... He was buried in water, his breath was gone and he was extremely frightened.

What qualities turned Douglas into a good swimmer?

(b) Douglas' bravery and strong determination helped him overcome his fear of deep waters and turn into a good swimmer. Despite having multiple scarring experiences with pools, he chose to take swimming up as a challenge and undertake rigorous training.

What are the two scary experience of Douglas with water?

When Douglas went down the water with a yellow glow it was a nightmarish experience for him. His legs were almost paralysed, his lungs were aching and his head was throbbing. He felt the thumping of his heart and the pounding in his head and these made him realize that he was still alive. Question 7.

How did the near drowning experience at the pool affect Douglas?

The drowning incident at the pool had many short and long-term consequences on Douglas. The short-term consequences such as weakness, trembling, sickness, haunting fear of water, etc. ... Douglas felt terribly scared and bad about it. This humiliation gave birth to a strong desire to overcome his fear of water.

What lesson did Douglas learn from his experience of drowning?

Douglas as an adult recounted the horrific experience, as it had completely changed his life. He felt that the sensation of dying somehow intensified his zest for life. The fight against the terror taught him a very important lesson that 'All we have to fear is fear itself.

How did the instructor make a swimmer out of Douglas?

Answer: The instructor built a swimmer out of Douglas piece by piece. For three months he held him high on a rope attached to his belt. He went back and forth across the pool.

What efforts did Douglas make to get over his fear of water?

Answer: Douglas decided to get an instructor and learn to swim. He practiced five days a week an hour each day with strong determination to overcome his fear. With continuous hardwork for months he mastered the skill of swimming.

What strategy did the author remember when he was drowning in the pool?

What strategy did the author remember when he was drowning in the Y.M.C.A pool? Ans. Douglas thought that as he would hit the bottom of the tiled pool, he would spruz up like a cork to the surface, then lie flat on the water, strike out with his arms thrash with his legs and reach the edge of the pool.

How many months did Douglas learn to swim?

Answer: When Douglas grew up, he took the help of an instructor to learn swimming. His training went on from October to April. For three months he was taken across the pool with the help of a rope.

Why did Douglas hate to walk with bare legs?

Because he was very skinny. He was feeling shy and embarassed. But he conrolled his feelings and went into the pool. Douglas hate to walk into the pool with bare legs because he was a skinny guy.

How did this experience affect Douglas?

This experience had a deeper meaning for Douglas. Because he had experienced both the sensation of dying and the terror that fear of it can produce. He learnt the will to live in great intensity. ... The haunting fear of the water followed Douglas in his fishing trips, swimming, boating and canoeing.

What was the feeling of Douglas at the end of the experience?

Douglas had tried thrice but he went down in the water at the Y.M.C.A.. All his efforts ceased. He felt paralysed and legs became limp.

How many times did Douglas go inside water?

Douglas drowned into the water two times. First time was when he was a kid 3-4 year kid. He went California with his father. The second time was when Douglas decided to learn swimming at y.m.c.a pool.

How does Douglas feel going under the water the final time?

Answer: His sense-perceptions gave way, his heart pounded loudly, his limbs became paralyzed with fear, his mind became dizzy and his lungs ached as he gulped water while making desperate attempts to come out of the water.