Which pritchard brother is older?

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Pritchard was born on 5 November 1994 in Sneyd Green, Stoke-on-Trent. He began dancing at the age of 12, and his parents partnered him with Chloe Hewitt from their dance school. He has a younger brother, Curtis, a fellow dance professional, who appears on Dancing with the Stars in Ireland.

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Then, Who is the oldest Pritchard brother?

Curtis Pritchard, 25, was born in Cheshire on February 7, 1996. He started dancing at a young age alongside his older brother AJ, learning his craft from his mum and dad Adrian and Debi's dance school, Pritchard's Dance and Fitness Academy.

Keeping this in consideration, Is AJ Pritchard Curtis brother?. Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard and Love Island brother Curtis have reportedly been cast as twins in the popular Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks. ... They will play twin brothers involved in the opening of a dance school run by Trish Miniver - who left the soap in 2012.

Correspondingly, What is AJ Pritchard's girlfriend called?

AJ Pritchard 's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen has removed her bandages to show the horrific burns on her face after an Instagram stunt went wrong.

How old is AJ Pritchard's girlfriend?

The 24-year-old professional dancer – who dates 26-year-old Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard – spent Sunday at the luxury Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court. The boutique luxury hotel, which is inside a 17th-century Grade-II listed building, is on the banks of the River Thames a stones throw from Hampton Court Palace.

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Who is AJ Pritchard dating now?

BALLROOM dancer AJ Pritchard became a household name thanks to his career on Strictly. In 2020 he became the seventh star to leave I'm A Celebrity and headed back into the arms of his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen.

Who is Curtis Pritchard ex girlfriend?

Curtis Pritchard has reportedly 'taken a swipe' at his ex-girlfriend, Maura Higgins. The professional dancer, 24, was reduced to tears reflecting on the pair's messy break-up while filming the new series of Celebs Go Dating, as reported by the Sun.

Who is Maura with?

MAURA Higgins has finally confirmed Chris Taylor is her BOYFRIEND after months of speculation.

Why did Amy Hart leave Love Island?

Former air hostess Amy Hart had Love Island viewers all over the UK in floods of tears earlier in the week, when she made the tough decision to QUIT the villa after getting her heart broken by love interest Curtis Pritchard.

Has AJ Pritchard broken up with his girlfriend?

Strictly star AJ Pritchard said how he 'broke down' following girlfriend's Abbie Quinnen's horror burn accident. Abbie Quinnen, who is also a professional dancer, was filming when a wine bottle exploded in her face setting her hair and clothing on fire.

How tall is Pritchard?

AJ Pritchard stands at a height of 1.71 m i.e. 5 feet and 7 inches tall. He has a bodyweight of 192 lbs i.e. 87 kg. He has an athletic body build. As he is a professional dancer, he maintains his body physique very well.

How much is AJ Pritchard worth?

Alex Joseph “AJPritchard is worth an estimated £450,000, according to reports.

What happened AJ's girlfriend?

AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen bravely stepped out today for the first time since suffering painful third-degree burns in a horrific fireball accident. The dancer, 23, had been anxious about leaving the house ever since a life hack video went horribly wrong in January and left her engulfed in flames.

Is AJ single?

Here's what we know... I'm A Celebrity star AJ Pritchard confirmed his relationship with girlfriend Abbie Quinnen last year with a sweet post on social media. The Strictly Come Dancing dancer, 26, went public with his new love in late July whilst on a luxurious holiday with his family in Crete.