Where is opihr gin made?

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The gin is produced at G&J Distillers, the major distillery in Warrington responsible for gins such as Greenall's Gin, Bloom Gin and Berkeley Square Gin. Inspired by the ancient Spice Route, Opihr Gin features botanicals including cubeb berries, black pepper, ginger and cardamom.

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Furthermore, Where is Opihr gin from?

Opihr gin is Spiced London Dry gin created by master distiller Joanne Moore who I recently met in London. Joanne is the custodian of Greenall's gin recipe as well as the creator of Bloom Gin and Berkeley Square.

Additionally, Who distills Opihr?. The distillery plays a big part in the third party distilling world, but also has a plethora of quality spirits under its own portfolio: Greenall's, Bloom, Berkeley Square and Thomas Dakin, all of which are made under the watchful eye of head distiller Joanne Moore.

Additionally, Who owns Opihr gin?

Opihr Gin is made by G&J Distillers, the UK's oldest gin distillers, using over 250 years of tradition and expertise. The hand-picked spices include cardamom from India, spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia and coriander from Morocco.

Is Ophir a good gin?

Palate: More discernible spiciness and juniper with plenty of coriander. Finish: Refreshing with citrus and spice. Overall: A handsome gin that's playfully spiced.

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Is Hortus Gin any good?

Gin is undoubtedly the spirit of the moment, with many Brits turning to it for a tipple that's full of flavour. ... Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin, which retails at £15.99 from Lidl, scored an impressive 77 points out of a possible 100, placing seventh on the overall list.

How do you pronounce the gin Opihr?

Opihr Gin (pronounced o-peer) is firmly rooted in the ancient Spice Route, with exotic hand picked botanicals from Asia & beyond. With bursts of citrus, earthy aromas & a soft spice, its the antidote to a long day at the office.

How many calories are in Opihr gin?

Opihr Gin - 50 calories (25ml)

What does Opihr mean?

: a biblical land of uncertain location but reputedly rich in gold.

What do you drink Opihr gin with?

OPIHR is therefore perfectly paired with ginger ale for our signature G&G serve.

What fever tree tonic goes with Opihr gin?

The Opihr signature serve is as follows: 50ml Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin. Fever Tree Indian tonic. 5cm thick slice of fresh ginger.

What type of gin is silent pool?

As advertised this gin really does deliver, Silent Pool is a full bodied, rich, clean, juniper driven gin. From the bottle design to the velvety local honey and the complexity of the 24 botanicals used, this gin is a true joy from start to finish.

Is Opihr vegan?

"Greenall's, along with our other gins – BLOOM, Berkeley Square & Opihr, - are all vegan friendly."

What Flavours are in Opihr gin?

A unique London Dry Gin made using hand-picked botanicals, including spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, cardamom and Tellicherry black pepper from India and coriander from Morocco.

What is Opihr spirit cooler?

Description. Opihr Gin is taking you on the journey along the Ancient Spice Route with hand-picked exotic botanicals such as cubeb berries from Malaysia, coriander from Morocco and cardamom from India.

Does Lidl sell Bombay Sapphire?

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin - Lidl — Great Britain - Specials archive.

What is the best Lidl gin?

Lidl - Hortus Citrus Garden Gin

No fewer than four of Lidl's gins have won awards and we particularly like this Citrus Garden Gin from the Hortus range.