Where does the namesake take place?

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The novel begins in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1968. Ashima Ganguli, expecting a child, makes a snack for herself in the kitchen of her apartment, which she shares with her husband, Ashoke. The two met in Calcutta, where their marriage was arranged by their parents.

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Also Know, Where does the story namesake take place?

The novel moves between events in Calcutta, Boston, and New York City, and examines the nuances involved with being caught between two conflicting cultures with distinct religious, social, and ideological differences.

Regarding this, What city do Ashoke and Ashima first move to in the United States?. The story begins as Ashoke and Ashima leave Calcutta and settle in New York City. Through a series of miscues, their son's nickname, Gogol (named after Russian author Nikolai Gogol), becomes his official birth name, an event which will shape many aspects of his life.

Accordingly, Where I can see namesake?

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What point of view is the namesake in?

Third Person (Limited Omniscient)

Although The Namesake is written in the third person, we get the story through the filter of different characters' points of view, primarily those of Gogol, Ashima, Ashoke, and Moushumi.

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Why is the namesake called the namesake?

In the context of Jhumpa Lahiri's novel The Namesake (2003), a name is not just a label on a person: it is a whole self. Thus, names and namesakes are paramount in the novel, and substituting one for the other is also like throwing off an old self and forging a new one. Therefore, its title: The Namesake.

What is the purpose of the namesake?

Introduction to the Book

Jhumpa Lahiri's novel The Namesake deftly demonstrates how the familiar struggles between new and old, assimilation and cultural preservation, striving toward the future and longing for the past, play out in one particular set of foreign-born parents and their American-born children.

How do you use namesake?

Namesake in a Sentence ?
  1. Since Frank wanted his son to be his namesake, he gave him his first name. ...
  2. My husband shares his father's name, and as such, he is his namesake. ...
  3. The college's new library is the namesake of the billionaire who funded the building's development.

Who did Gogol marry?

After a year of dating, Moushumi and Gogol marry. Their parents plan the ceremony, which takes place in the New Jersey suburbs, close to Moushumi's family's new home.

Why does Gogol not want to go to kindergarten?

1 There is a reason Gogol doesn't want to go to kindergarten. His parents have told him that at school, instead of being called Gogol, he will be called by a new name, a good name, which his parents have finally decided on, just in time for him to begin his formal education.

Why doesn't Ashima call her husband Ashoke?

Ashima notes that she does not use Ashoke's given name, because that name, in Bengali, has a special, almost sacred resonance. Both Ashima and Ashoke are lovers of literature, Ashima of English poets, Ashoke of Russian authors, especially Gogol.

Why did Gogol and Maxine break up?

She and Gogol break up after the death of his father, when he is pulled back toward his family and begins to feel that she is an outsider, refusing to allow her to accompany them to India for Ashoke's funeral.

What year is the namesake set in?

The novel begins in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1968. Ashima Ganguli, expecting a child, makes a snack for herself in the kitchen of her apartment, which she shares with her husband, Ashoke.

Does namesake go both ways?

Schools, airports, roads, and hospitals are named for people, and children are named after their relatives. "Namesake" can go either way, but the person referred to as a namesake is usually the younger person who was named after an older person.

What is a namesake example?

The definition of a namesake is a person named after someone. An example of a namesake is a son given the exact same name as his father. One that is named after another.

What does namesake mean in English?

: one that has the same name as another especially : one who is named after another or for whom another is named His grandson and namesake is the spit and image of him … —