Where does cut and dry come from?

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The phrase cut and dried means completely decided, fixed beforehand. The theory that fits both the chronology and the circumstances of the usage is that the phrase originated in herbalists' language: cut and dried herbs were those that were ready for use, as contrasted with those that were still growing.

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Similarly one may ask, Where did the saying cut and dried come from?

The phrase originally alludes to the dried herbs that you could purchase from a shop. They lacked freshness and spontaneity, which differs from the fresh herbs that you could grow yourself. It is also rumoured to date back to the time when wood was cut and dried in order to make fire with it.

Additionally, What does it mean to be cut and dry?. : being or done according to a plan, set procedure, or formula : routine a cut-and-dried presentation.

Likewise, people ask, Is the phrase cut and dry or cut and dried?

The dominant modern usage is “cut and dried.” When used to modify a noun, it must be hyphenated: “cut-and-dried plan.”

Is cut and dried an idiom?

Meaning of Idiom 'Cut and Dried'

When something is cut and dried it is simple, clear, and unambiguous; fixed, and definite; already decided; predictable and usual.

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Is not cut and dried?

If you say that a situation or solution is cut and dried, you mean that it is clear and definite. Unfortunately, things cannot be as cut and dried as many people would like. We are aiming for guidelines, not cut-and-dried answers.

Is not cut and dry?

clear and simple and removing any further uncertainty or difficulty: Unfortunately, there is no cut-and-dried answer to the problem of immigration.

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Meaning. DRY. Don't Repeat Yourself (extreme programming) DRY.

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Is cut and dried?

prepared or settled in advance; not needing much thought or discussion: a cut-and-dried decision. lacking in originality or spontaneity; routine; boring: a lecture that was cut-and-dried.

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