When was avison young founded?

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Avison Young is a global commercial real estate services firm, headquartered in Toronto, with more than 100 offices in 15 countries. Avison Young was founded in 1978.

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Regarding this, Who started Avison Young?

Formed by the union of Graeme Young & Associates of Alberta (1978) and Avison & Associates of Ontario (1989) and British Columbia (1994), Avison Young was created in 1996.

Likewise, How big is Avison Young?. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the firm comprises approximately 5,000 real estate professionals in more than 100 offices around the world.

Similarly, it is asked, Is GVA young now Avison?

GVA brings to Avison Young a broad portfolio of national and international clients, including U.K. public institutions, multinational corporations, major space users, developers, owners, lenders and investors.

Who bought GVA?

Property consultancy GVA, which has 15 offices in the UK, Ireland and Poland, is to be acquired by Avison Young. Avison Young has agreed to buy GVA from Apleona, a portfolio company of private equity firm EQT.

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