Whats the meaning of zooid?

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: one of the asexually produced individuals of a compound organism (such as a bryozoan, siphonophore, or coral colony)

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In this regard, What is an example of Zooid?

Each zooid within the colony has a specific function and varies somewhat in form. For example, gastrozooids bear tentacles and are specialized for feeding. Some colonies possess dactylozooids, tentacleless polyps heavily armed with nematocysts that seem primarily concerned with defense.

Beside the above, What is Zoid in biology?. In botany, a zoid or zoïd /ˈzoʊ. ... ɪd/ is a reproductive cell that possesses one or more flagella, and is capable of independent movement. Zoid can refer to either an asexually reproductive spore or a sexually reproductive gamete.

In this regard, What are the different types of Zooids?

They have three types of zooids- gastrozooids, gonozooids and dactylzooids.

How are Zooids connected?

Zooids are usually connected to each other by thin strands of tissue. In most bryozoans, several different types of zooids coexist in a colony, each one specialized for a particular function. ... Encrusting bryozoans form flat sheets that spread out over rocks, shells, and other substrates.

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What is Medusa in Coelenterata?

In biology, a medusa (plural: medusae) is a form of cnidarian in which the body is shaped like an umbrella. The other main body-form is the polyp. ... In the class Hydrozoa, medusae are the sexual individuals of many species, alternating in the life cycle with asexual polyps.

What does Freakazoid mean?

(slang) A freaky person or creature; a freak. noun.

Which Zooids are also called tasters?


These are the protective polyps of the colony and are variously known as palpons, tasters or feelers. Typically they resemble the gastrozooids except that they lack a mouth and their basal tentacle is unbranched.

What is a colonial Siphonophore?

Siphonophores are colonial hydrozoans that do not exhibit alternation of generations, but instead reproduce asexually through a budding process. Zooids are the multicellular units that build the colonies. A single bud called the pro-bud initiates the growth of a colony by undergoing fission.

Which Zooid is generally motile?

Medusae are generally motile and concerned with sexual reproduction. Polyp and medusa are in fact homologous structures and from one another can easily be derived. Gastrozooids or feeding zooids are typical polyps with a mouth and surrounding tentacles.

What is a colonial animal?

colonial animal in American English

1. a collective life form comprising associations of individual organisms that are incompletely separated, as corals and moss animals. 2. any of the individual organisms in such a life form.

What do Pyrosomes do?

Pyrosomes are free-floating colonies of zooids in the pelagic open ocean where they filter feed on microscopic plankton. The colonies of zooids are connected by tissue communicate and coordinate behavior such as propelling the colony through the water.

What do you mean by Digenetic parasite?

: of or relating to a subclass (Digenea) of trematode worms in which sexual reproduction as an internal parasite of a vertebrate alternates with asexual reproduction in a mollusk.

Are Jellyfish colonies?

Jellyfish are single organisms that are free swimming and capable of moving themselves through water. Siphonophores are a colony of single celled organisms and are ocean drifters, incapable of moving through the water on their own.

What is polymorphism hydrozoa?

different individuals within a population is called polymorphism. It is one of the. characteristic features of coelenterate, the class Hydrozoa of phylum Coelenterata includes a large number of colonial species that contain more than one form of individuals which are called zooids.

Did Medusa live in the sea?

It is generally believed that she was born at sea. The Greek poet Hesiod wrote that Medusa lived close to the Hesperides in the Western Ocean near Sarpedon.

What does Medusa mean in English?

1 capitalized [Latin, from Greek Medousa] : a mortal Gorgon who is slain when decapitated by Perseus.

Why is jellyfish called Medusa?

3. A jellyfish is called a Medusa. ... The shape of this bell is called a medusa because it looks like the evil Medusa in Greek mythology - a woman who had offended the goddess Athena who then changed her hair into snakes and made her face so hideous it turned people into stone.