Whats the definition of designator?

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1. To indicate or specify; point out: a fence that designates the property boundary. 2. To give a name or title to; characterize: The 1920s have been designated as the "Roaring Twenties."

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Likewise, What is the meaning of designates?

: to officially choose (someone or something) to do or be something : to officially give (someone or something) a particular role or purpose. : to call (something or someone) by a particular name or title. : to be used as a name for (something or someone)

Also to know, How do you spell designator?.
Correct spelling for the English word "Designator" is [dˈɛzɪɡnˌe͡ɪtə], [dˈɛzɪɡnˌe‍ɪtə], [d_ˈɛ_z_ɪ_ɡ_n_ˌeɪ_t_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).
Similar spelling words for DESIGNATOR
  1. designate,
  2. designates,
  3. designated.

Moreover, What is Desigator?

Noun. designator (plural designators) A person who, or term that, designates. (historical, Roman antiquity) An officer who assigned to each his rank and place in public shows and ceremonies.

What is the meaning of official designation?

Official Designation or "Officially Designated" means or refers to a written designation signed by a Shareholder of Record of a Fund, either in such shareholder's initial application for the purchase of Fund shares, with or without a Signature Guarantee, or in another document with a Signature Guarantee.

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What is designation of a person?

The definition of a designation is the act of pointing someone out with a name, a title or an assignment. An example of designation is someone being named president of an organization. noun.

Is designation the same as job title?

The main differences between a designation and job title are: Designations refer to the expertise and qualifications a person must complete certain jobs. Job titles describe the level and position someone holds at a company or organization. ... Job titles are assigned to every employee who holds a position at a company.

What does plundered mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to take the goods of by force (as in war) : pillage, sack invaders plundered the town. b : to take by force or wrongfully : steal, loot plundered artifacts from the tomb.

What does brindled mean?

English Language Learners Definition of brindled

: having faint dark streaks or spots on a gray or light brown background.

What does throng mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a multitude of assembled persons. b : a large number : host. 2a : a crowding together of many persons.

What is reference designator in Bom?

A reference designator indicates the location to insert a component on an item, for example, where to mount an electronic component on a printed circuit board. ... One or more identical items on the (E)BOM line have the same reference designator. Link multiple reference designators to a single (E)BOM line.

What is the synonym of designation?

title, denomination, honorific, label. name, epithet, tag, style, form of address. nickname, byname, sobriquet. rank, status, office, position.

What does subservient mean in English?

1 : useful in an inferior capacity : subordinate. 2 : serving to promote some end. 3 : obsequiously submissive : truckling.

What is the meaning of depute?

Verb. 1. depute - transfer power to someone. delegate. assign, delegate, designate, depute - give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)

What insignificant means?

: not significant: such as. a : lacking meaning or import. b : small in size, quantity, or number.

What does ravaged mean?

Verb. ravage, devastate, waste, sack, pillage, despoil mean to lay waste by plundering or destroying. ravage implies violent often cumulative depredation and destruction.

What fierce means?

1a : violently hostile or aggressive in temperament a fierce tiger. b : given to fighting or killing : pugnacious fierce fighters. 2a : marked by unrestrained zeal or vehemence a fierce argument.

What does gingerly mean?

: very cautious or careful … loose, exfoliated rock, into which he hammered pitons with the gingerly care of a carpenter finishing cabinets.—