What is the meaning of overgenerous?

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adjective. excessively willing and liberal in giving away one's time, money, etc.

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Similarly, it is asked, What does harmonious mean?

1 : showing agreement in action or feeling a harmonious family. 2 : combining so as to produce a pleasing result harmonious colors. 3 : having a pleasant sound : melodious harmonious voices.

Also asked, What do you call a person who is too-generous?. Definitions of too-generous. adjective. very generous. synonyms: lavish, munificent, overgenerous, unsparing, unstinted, unstinting generous.

Secondly, What means lavish?

1 : expending or bestowing profusely : prodigal lavish donors lavish in giving praise to her employees. 2a : expended or produced in abundance the lavish attentions of his mother— George Meredith. b : marked by profusion or excess a lavish feast a lavish home.

What does munificent mean?

1 : very liberal in giving or bestowing (see bestow sense 4) : lavish munificent donors. 2 : characterized by great liberality or generosity a munificent gift.

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Does munificent mean generous?

adjective. extremely liberal in giving; very generous. characterized by great generosity: a munificent bequest.

Who is a munificent person?

The definition of munificent is a very generous person, or a person or a gift that is more generous than necessary. When you give $1,000 for a birthday gift when everyone else only gives $20, this is an example of a time when you would be described as munificent.

Does lavish mean pretty?

Lavish means "generous and extravagant" as an adjective and "to give generously" as a verb. If you don't like it when people lavish you with attention, you might appreciate a lavish spread of excellent food instead.

What's another word for lavish?

Some common synonyms of lavish are exuberant, lush, luxuriant, prodigal, and profuse. While all these words mean "giving or given out in great abundance," lavish suggests an unstinted or unmeasured profusion.

How do you describe a giving person?

Some common synonyms of generous are bountiful, liberal, and munificent. While all these words mean "giving or given freely and unstintingly," generous stresses warmhearted readiness to give more than size or importance of the gift.

What is a word to describe someone who never gives up?

A sedulous person is someone who works hard and doesn't give up easily.

How do you describe a kind hearted person?

If you describe someone as kind-hearted, you mean that they are kind, caring, and generous. He was a warm, generous and kind-hearted man.

What is mean by harmonious relationship?

adjective. A harmonious relationship, agreement, or discussion is friendly and peaceful. Their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their similar goals.

What is harmonious in your life?

If people are living in harmony with each other, they are living together peacefully rather than fighting or arguing. We must try to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and those around us.

What makes a harmonious relationship?

A harmonious relationship, agreement, or discussion is friendly and peaceful. [...]

What does bombarded mean?

bombarded; bombarding; bombards. Definition of bombard (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to attack especially with artillery or bombers. 2 : to assail vigorously or persistently (as with questions)

What does mortified mean?

1 : to subject to severe and vexing embarrassment : shame was no longer mortified by comparisons between her sisters' beauty and her own— Jane Austen. 2 : to subdue or deaden (the body, bodily appetites, etc.) especially by abstinence or self-inflicted pain or discomfort mortified his body for spiritual purification.

Can a person be munificent?

A munificent person is very generous.

What does Maleficent mean?

: working or productive of harm or evil : baleful.