What is hdfc ergo?

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HDFC ERGO is a 51:49 joint venture firm between HDFC and ERGO International AG, one of the insurance entities of the Munich Re Group in Germany operating in the insurance field under the BFSI sector. The company offers products in the retail, corporate and rural sectors.

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In respect to this, What is the meaning of HDFC Ergo?

BACKGROUND. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. (HDFC ERGO) is a 51:49 joint venture between Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, India's premier Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG, the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group.

Secondly, Is HDFC Ergo good company?. It is a very good and authentic website as it provides a list of insurance plans as per your needs. It showed me many plans as per my needs and I selected HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Plan. The customer support team if policbazaar.com is not only knowledgeable but also approachable.

Accordingly, Is HDFC Ergo listed?

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Limited Unlisted Shares. (i) HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd. and ERGO International AG, a Germany-based company that is part of the Munich R Group. HDFC holds 51 percent, and ERGO the other 49 percent.

Is HDFC Ergo part of HDFC Bank?

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India's premier Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG, the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group.

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Is HDFC Ergo part of HDFC Life?

HDFC Life's associated companies include HDFC Ltd, HDFC Bank, HDFC International Life and Re Company Limited, HDFC Pension, HDFC MF, HDFC Sales, HDFC Ergo, HDB Financial Services (HDBFS), HDFC Securities, HDFC RED, HDFC Ventures Trustee Company, GRUH Finance, HDFC Trustee Company, HDFC Developers, HDFC Property ...

Does HDFC Ergo cover dental?

Re: Dental Treatment

Generally, health policy covers only accidental dental injury subject to hospitalisation. Most of the health policy doesn't cover dental in india.

What is the full form of Ergo?

Abbreviation : ERGO

ERGO - Energy Rich Glucose Optimized.

What is the tag line of HDFC Ergo?

In order to give insurance a welcome twist, the agency brought a fresh approach to the brand's existing tagline 'Take it Easy'. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company has awarded its social media duties to Social Kinnect, a Mumbai-based full service digital agency.

Which is the best car insurance company in India?

Best Car Insurance Companies In India
  1. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company. ...
  2. Bharti AXA General Insurance Company. ...
  3. Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company. ...
  4. Future Generali India Insurance Company. ...
  5. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company. ...
  6. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company. ...
  7. National Insurance Company (NIC)

How do I check my HDFC Ergo claim status?

You can login at https://www.hdfcergo.com/claims/claim-status.html and check your policy claim status online for Health, Motor, Home and travel.

Does HDFC Ergo cover pregnancy?

Maternity insurance or pregnancy health plan covers medical costs arising due to child birth. ... HDFC ERGO offers health insurance with maternity benefits in two of its plans namely; Health Suraksha Gold & Medisure Classic.

How does HDFC ERGO work?

Features of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

Health insurance plans from HDFC Ergo come with lifelong renewal, thus saving you from the stress of uncalled medical emergencies. Health insurance plans with no sub limit on room rents available. The company provides 5% bonus on sum insured for every claim free year.

How do I claim my HDFC Ergo?

HDFC ERGO Claim Process
  1. Provide NEFT details in the claim form along with cancelled cheque.
  2. Provide KYC ( Know your customer ) form along with photocopy of any one of following KYC documents for all claims amounting to Rs 1 lakh and above. For KYC Form Click Here.

What is the waiting period of HDFC Ergo?

With HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Insurance you have a survival phase of 30 days before receiving the lump sum payment.

Does HDFC Ergo cover OPD?

OPD cover assists the insured to claim expenses other than that incurred during hospitalization. These expenses include doctor's consultation fees, health check-ups, pharmacy bills, dental treatment, diagnostic tests, etc.

How many illnesses does HDFC Ergo cover?

Features. A unique Critical Illness Insurance Plan that provides a Lump Sum Benefit amount on first diagnosis after a 30 Day Survival period for any one of the 8 Critical Illnesses covered under the plan.