What does wardress means?

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: a woman supervising female prisoners (as in a prison)

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Likewise, people ask, What is Wardering?

A warder is someone who works in a prison supervising the prisoners. [British]regional note: in AM, use guard.

Additionally, What does warden mean?. 1 : one having care or charge of something : guardian, keeper. 2a : regent sense 2. b : the governor of a town, district, or fortress.

Simply so, What does froma mean?

A submission from Illinois, U.S. says the name Froma means "Pious, from the Yiddish 'frum'. Variant of Fruma" and is of Jewish origin.

What does advisable mean?

: fit to be advised or done : prudent.

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How do you use advisable?

1) It is advisable that we stay at home instead of going to the movie. 2) We thought it advisable to seek police assistance. 3) It is advisable to insure your life against accident.

What expedient means?

1 : suitable for achieving a particular end in a given circumstance. 2 : characterized by concern with what is opportune especially : governed by self-interest. expedient.

What mean by from?

from preposition (ORIGIN)

A1. used to show the origin of something or someone: "Where are you from?" "I'm from Italy."

What does the letter mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : a symbol usually written or printed representing a speech sound and constituting a unit of an alphabet. 2a : a direct or personal written or printed message addressed to a person or organization. b : a written communication containing a grant —usually used in plural.

What is the meaning of Ferom?

: an area over which someone exercises control as or in the manner of a feudal lord The Seigneur could not sell his fiefdom without approval from the Queen.—

What is a female warden called?

The warden in a women's prison is also called a matron, which may lead you to conclude that the term is often not a glowing compliment. In a wedding, you can have a maid of honor (the bride's unmarried attendant) or a matron of honor (one who's married).

What does Raggedy mean?

/ˈræɡ.ɪ.di/ messy, torn and looking a little dirty: He was wearing the same raggedy clothes as the day before.

What is another word for Warden?


1 warder, guardian, guard, custodian, caretaker, superintendent.

What is the difference between Warden and Warder?

is that “warder” is a guard, especially in a prison and “warden” is a guard or watchman.

Who is a manager definition?

A manager is a person who is responsible for a part of a company, i.e., they 'manage' the company. Managers may be in charge of a department and the people who work in it. ... A manager is a person who exercises managerial functions primarily.

What matron means?

1 : a married woman usually of high social position. 2 : a woman who is in charge of women or children (as in a school or police station) matron.

Where do we use from?

We use from to refer to the place where someone or something starts or originates: Bernie comes from Manchester. We get our vegetables from the farm shop.

What is the definition of has?

Has is defined as to possess or own something. An example of has is to own a restaurant. verb.