What does sinkfield do?

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Sinkfield was the owner of an inn which was located a rather far distance from the river which was considered the primary source of transportation.

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Likewise, people ask, What kind of establishment did sinkfield run?

The governor of Maycomb County told Sinkfield that his inn was where the seat of government was proposed to be built, but he stood firm. From there, the city of Maycomb County grew out from Sinkfield's Tavern.

Also, How did Maycomb become an important town?. The reason for creating this seat was due to the Indians of the "Creek Nation" and the settlers of the "Alabama territory" who lived in "domestic tranquility" which prompted the governor to find a midpoint wherein to establish the seat and Sinkfield's Tavern became the "hub" from which "Maycomb grew and sprawled," ...

In this regard, What is ironic about Aunt Alexandra's comments about the Finch family?

What's ironic about Aunt Alexandra's criticisms of Maycomb families is that her generation is the first to not marry itscousins, therefore they have an Incestuous Streak. ... The fact that Atticus told them about Cousin Joshua is a source of great irritation for her.

How is Maycomb described Chapter 13?

In Chapter 13, Scout explains Maycomb as being a socially static, conservative collection of families that have lived together--and in each other's lives and business--since the Civil War.

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What is the golden rule in To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 13?

What is the golden rule in To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 13? The golden rule says that people should treat others in the way that they would want to be treated. Atticus often teaches his children the golden rule by telling them to walk in other people's shoes. He wants Scout and Jem to learn empathy.

What does Scout lie about in Chapter 13?

Scout is essentially saying that in some cases it is beneficial to lie. Scout understands that she cannot prevent Aunt Alexandra from staying with them, so she chooses to tell a white lie. Scout finds it beneficial to exercise courtesy by lying to Atticus, rather than causing conflict by telling the truth.

Why does Scout cry when they talk to Atticus?

Explain why Scout cries. Scout begins crying, because she is confused. She also feels that Aunt Alexandra changed the way Atticus speaks to her and Jem. ... Atticus says to forget their conversation and ignore what he said previously.

How does Aunt Alexandra impact Scout?

Lesson Summary

Aunt Alexandra does her best to convert Scout from her boyish ways and enforces ladylike behavior and attire. She also impresses upon Scout the importance of family breeding and the status of the Finch family in Maycomb County.

Is Aunt Alexandra Atticus sister?

Alexandra Hancock (née Finch) is Atticus' and Jack's sister, married to James "Uncle Jimmy" Hancock. She has a son named Henry and a very spoiled grandson named Francis. Aunt Alexandra decides to leave her husband at the Finch family homestead, Finch's Landing to come to stay with the Atticus.

What does Atticus do for a living?

What does Atticus Finch do for a living? Atticus Finch is a defense lawyer for a living.

What does Maycomb represent in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The fictional town of Maycomb, in the fictional Maycomb County, seems intended not to represent an exact location in the real world, but a kind of small Southern town that existed in the 1930s. Scout describes the town as old, tired, and suffocating. ... Maycomb is also sharply geographically divided along class lines.

What is the best quote from To Kill a Mockingbird?

Some of the best quotes from Harper Lee's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'
  • "Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. ...
  • "The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience." ...
  • "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.

Why is Atticus angry with himself at the end of Chapter 13?

Atticus is trying to explain to Scout and Jem about the importance of the Finch name, but that (ancestry, heritage) is Alexandra's passion. Aunt Alexandra is the one who cares about heredity. To Atticus, people are people and all people deserve respect.

What does scout ask to do that makes Aunt Alexandra so angry?

When Atticus is forced to explain the importance of their heritage to his children, Scout perceives that he has been coerced into doing so. She asks him, ... It is clear to Scout that Aunt Alexandra has just relayed to her brother that he has not been preserving the reputation of the family name.

Why does Aunt Alexandra want to dismiss Calpurnia?

The subtext behind the reason that Aunt Alexandra thinks Atticus should dismiss Calpurnia is that Scout is becoming too friendly with African-American people and wants to visit Calpurnia at her house.

Who does Mr Underwood hate?

Underwood “despises Negroes” (Ch. 16), he cares about Atticus. He does not say that he was protecting Tom. He was protecting his friend.

Why are the children crying at the end of the chapter 13?

What makes Scout cry while Atticus is talking with her and Jem? He is admits that all of the things he just said went against his own beliefs and against what he wants his children to learn. He had said them only to keep peace with Aunt Alexandra, and it is now obvious that he regrets this action.

Why does Scout cry at the end of Chapter 15?

Scout begins crying, because she is confused. She also feels that Aunt Alexandra changed the way Atticus speaks to her and Jem. ... Atticus says to forget their conversation and ignore what he said previously.