What does lappets mean?

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A lappet is a decorative flap, fold or hanging part of a headdress or garment. ... Examples of lappets are to be found on the papal tiara and on the nemes headdress of the kings of ancient Egypt. The same term is also used for similar-looking anatomical features on some animals.

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Herein, What does the word Lappet mean?

1 : a fold or flap on a garment or headdress. 2 : a flat overlapping or hanging piece.

Also to know, Is Lappet a word?. noun. a small lap, flap, or loosely hanging part, especially of a garment or headdress.

People also ask, What is the definition of Llanos?

: an open grassy plain in Spanish America or the southwestern U.S.

What does interms mean?

The meaning of INTERM abbreviation is "Intermediate" What does INTERM mean? INTERM as abbreviation means "Intermediate"

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What does In terms mean?

phrase. If you talk about something in terms of something or in particular terms, you are specifying which aspect of it you are discussing or from what point of view you are considering it.

Is it in terms of or in term of?

"In term of" is incorrect. It should always be "in terms of".

How do you spell grassy plain?

A prairie is a plain of grassy land without many trees.

What is a lace Lappet?

A lappet is a decorative flap, fold or hanging part of a headdress or garment. Lappets were a feature of women's headgear until the early twentieth century, and are still a feature of religious garments.

What is Lappet in biology?

Lappet. a small decorative fold or flap, especially, of lace or muslin, in a garment or headdress. (Science: zoology) lappet moth, one of several species of bombycid moths, which have stout, hairy caterpillars, flat beneath.

What is a US grassy plain called?

LLANO. an extensive grassy and nearly treeless plain (especially in Latin America)

Where did the word Prairie originate from?

Prairie (pronounced [pʁɛʁi]) is the French word for "meadow"; the root is the Latin pratum (same meaning).

How do you describe a prairie?

Prairies are enormous stretches of flat grassland with moderate temperatures, moderate rainfall, and few trees. When people talk about the prairie, they are usually referring to the golden, wheat-covered land in the middle of North America.

What does in turn mean?

Which in turn” means “because of that” or “one after the other.” You can use the phrase “which in turn” as a synonym for these phrases. We often use the word “which” as a replacement for “that,” but you should use “which” only for specific clauses.

What does In terms mean in maths?

Idiomatically speaking, to write a function “in terms of” a given variable or variables means to write an algebraic expression using only that variable or variables. So for instance, given an equation x+2y−3z=0, we can solve for z in terms of x and y as z=13(x+2y).

When it comes to meaning?

As regards, when the situation entails. For example, When it comes to renting or buying, you'll spend about the same amount. It is also put as when it comes down to it or that, as in If it comes right down to it, they said you could visit any time you're able to, or When it comes to that, we can lend you the fare.

What does x2 mean?

x^2 means "x to the power of 2", i.e. "x squared".

What is the legal definition of as is?

Legal Definition of as is clause

: a clause in an agreement providing that the buyer accepts the item for sale in its presently existing condition without modification or repair.