What are wardens best at eso?

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Elder Scrolls Online: 10 Best Warden Builds, Ranked (For 2020)
  1. 1 Solo MagWarden. The Solo MagWarden is designed for soloing dungeons, offering decent survivability and damage.
  2. 2 Racer Warden. ...
  3. 3 Assault Warden. ...
  4. 4 Blossom Warden Healer. ...
  5. 5 Frostcloak Warden. ...
  6. 6 Werewolf Warden. ...
  7. 7 Frostbite Warden Tank. ...
  8. 8 Ice And Fire Warden. ...

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Besides, What are wardens good for eso?

Wardens can be really good healers as they have a dedicated healing skill-tree. They also have access to Minor Vulnerability through Fetcher Infection which can be a good boost to damage for the whole group.

Also to know, Are Stam wardens good eso?. The Stamina Warden is a great all around class providing both high AoE and single target damage all while sustaining really well thanks to the passives and skills that the warden offers such as the bull netch.

Additionally, Is Warden still good?

Warden is super fun right now. He has an option for most attacks and can be played offensive or defensive with good results. Learn to not rely on bash mixups to much and you'll be good.

What's the best DPS class in eso?

1. Magicka Nightblade. Magicka Nightblade wins the number 1 spot in the DPS Tier List. Not only does the Magicka Nightblade have the highest damage in ESO, but it also wins in all other categories.

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What weapon should a warden use eso?

Your stamina weapons are 2-hander, dual wield, bow, and 1hand/shield. Most players will use bow on one weapon bar and either dual wield or 2-hander on the other. Some players do bow/bow, others do melee only.

What is the best healing class in eso?

Templar. Templars are by far the most user-friendly healing class, with a theme of bright light and holy magic.

Is the warden bad in eso?

Anyway, the point is no, Wardens are not bad for DPS. Also if you're putting all your points into magicka, don't use stamina weapons. Magicka weapons are any of the 3 destruction staffs or a restoration staff (Only for healer). Stamina weapons are 2 handers, 1 handers and bows.

Is magicka Warden good?

It's a very high effort - low reward class. I definitely wouldn't recommend for pve because they are painfully bad and have a very difficult rotation. In pvp you can do some good 1vX's if you get a good set up going.

Is the warden a good class?

The warden is a very fun class, I started to play is as a DPS (DW/Bow), and now I made it a tank, and it's great fun to play. I have one of every class and Stamwarden is my favorite. If you're in no rush, start getting the warden set up for the Halloween XP.

Can wardens wear heavy armor eso?

Unless you are a tank, in which case, wear heavy armor. Stamina in PVP is heavy armor or medium armor or a mix depending on your preferred playstyle. If you want to be more survivable, wear heavy armor. For stam warden pvp I switch between heavy seventh and medium shacklebreaker.

What race is stamina warden?

Orc is the top stamina race, gives you a speed boost + sprint cost reduction which is very nice on top of extra health, stamina, and 258 weapon damage. Redguard is great for beginners with reduced cost to weapon abilities, extra stamina, and a stam regen when dealing direct damage.

What weapon does warden use?

Wardens wield massive two-handed longswords for slashing enemies and blocking attacks. Trained to be proud, loyal, and brilliant diplomats, the Wardens are expected to embody the highest values of Knighthood.

Is 15k DPS good eso?

15k is actually pretty good for a 290cp player but you have a long way to grow and progress. Remember that the most important part is your rotation but your gear, potions, food and other stuff makes it so much easier. E.g. a monster helm would give you around 3-5k dps more.

What is good DPS ESO 2020?

What is good dps damage numbers for pve? 30k puts you above most players. 50k is good overall damage. 60k is great damage.

Is Warden a good tank?

In general, DK is still master of tanking for hard content (trials) with high incoming damage/lots of hits. Warden is better for dungeons (even vet DLC, but you might need a good group for those to stay alive) as they offer far more utility and group heals.