Was the meaning of isolate?

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1 : to set apart from others also : quarantine. 2 : to select from among others especially : to separate from another substance so as to obtain pure or in a free state. 3 : insulate.

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Herein, What is the full meaning of isolate?

: the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others : the condition of being isolated. : the act of separating something from other things : the act of isolating something. See the full definition for isolation in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Then, What does isolating someone mean?. (aɪsəleɪt ) Word forms: isolates, isolating, isolated. 1. transitive verb. To isolate a person or organization means to cause them to lose their friends or supporters.

Regarding this, What is another word for isolate?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for isolate, like: cut off, quarantine, solitary, divide, confine, remove, include, detach, seclude, separate and sequester.

Does isolation mean alone?

Isolation is the state of being alone, loneliness is the state of feeling alone. Loneliness can occur even when a person is not isolated.

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What is an example of isolation?

The definition of isolation is the state of being alone or away from others. An example of isolation is a prisoner in solitary confinement.

What is the opposite of isolated?

Antonyms: integrated, continual, joint, accompanied, connected. Synonyms: stranded, set-apart, apart(p), separated, detached, stray, marooned, quarantined, obscure, disjunct. isolated, quarantined(adj)

What are 2 synonyms for isolate?

other words for isolate
  • confine.
  • disconnect.
  • disengage.
  • divide.
  • insulate.
  • remove.
  • segregate.
  • separate.

What causes someone to isolate themselves?

Isolation can also result from being emotionally removed from a community. (The separation could be real or perceived.) An isolated person may experience loneliness or low self-esteem. Over time, a person may develop social anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns.

What are the 4 types of isolation?

It recommended that hospitals use one of seven isolation categories (Strict Isolation, Respiratory Isolation, Protective Isolation, Enteric Precautions, Wound and Skin Precautions, Discharge Precautions, and Blood Precautions).

What is the meaning of isolate yourself?

verb. If you isolate yourself, or if something isolates you, you become physically or socially separated from other people. When he was thinking out a problem Tweed's habit was never to isolate himself in his room. [

What is another word for lonely?

Some common synonyms of lonely are alone, desolate, forlorn, lonesome, lone, and solitary. While all these words mean "isolated from others," lonely adds to solitary a suggestion of longing for companionship.

What's another word for upset?

Some common synonyms of upset are agitate, discompose, disquiet, disturb, fluster, and perturb. While all these words mean "to destroy capacity for collected thought or decisive action," upset implies the disturbance of normal or habitual functioning by disappointment, distress, or grief.

What is another word for effort?

  • elbow grease,
  • exertion,
  • expenditure,
  • labor,
  • pains,
  • sweat,
  • trouble,
  • while,

What does seclude mean?

transitive verb. 1 obsolete : to exclude from a privilege, rank, or dignity : debar. 2 : to remove or separate from intercourse or outside influence : isolate. 3 : shut off, screen.

What are 3 types of isolation?

There are three types of transmission-based precautions--contact, droplet, and airborne - the type used depends on the mode of transmission of a specific disease.

What are the 5 types of isolation?

There are five types of isolation that biologically prevent species that might otherwise interbreed to produce hybrid offspring. These are ecological, temporal, behavioral, mechanical/chemical and geographical.