On a farthing meaning?

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1a : a former British monetary unit equal to ¹/₄ of a penny. b : a coin representing this unit. 2 : something of small value : mite.

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Also Know, How do you use farthing in a sentence?

  1. Farthing Lane's just above the High Street and parallel with it.
  2. He doesn't care a farthing.
  3. I do not own a farthing - - bereft in a shipwreck of all but my wedding-ring.
  4. She always looked at every farthing twice before parting with it.
  5. Farthing made full use of his stamina, taking the lead early.

Keeping this in mind, What bird is on a farthing?. The selected design for the farthing, a wren, placed the smallest British bird on the British coin smallest in value.

Then, What part of speech is farthing?

FARTHING (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a synonym for farthing?

noun. ( ˈfɑːrðɪŋ) A former British bronze coin worth a quarter of a penny. Synonyms. coin. reverse head.

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How much is a farthing worth today?

Values of the Farthing Today

These are sought after, and a very good but used example will be worth around £1 – that's a decent starting point for a young collector. A very fine example will command around £7.50, while a perfect uncirculated example can be worth upwards of £100.

What is the rarest farthing?

  • Charles II tin farthings dated 1685 are very rare, as the King died on February 6th 1684 (old style) and the new year followed six weeks later.
  • William & Mary reverted to issuing copper farthings for circulation in 1694, although about four 1693 dated coins are known with the old tin farthing obverse.

When was the farthing discontinued?

After the farthing was withdrawn in 1960, the halfpenny was the lowest denomination coin until its demise in the run-up to decimalisation.

How much was a penny farthing?

They called it a penny-farthing - but it's worth 3,000 pounds.

Why is it called a penny farthing?

The Penny Farthing bicycle obtained its name from the penny and farthing coins of the time. The bike was made entirely of metal instead of wood and the tires were rubber. The high centre of gravity often caused the rider to topple forward whenever it hit any small obstacle.

What is a half penny?

The British pre-decimal halfpenny ( 12d) coin, usually simply known as a ha'penny (pronounced /ˈheɪpəni/), historically occasionally also as the obol and once abbreviated 'ob' (from the Latin 'obulus'), was a unit of currency that equalled half of a penny or 1480 of a pound sterling.

Where does the word Farthing come from?

Old English feorðing (Old Northumbrian feorðung) "quarter of a penny; a fourth part," a diminutive derivative of feorða "fourth" (from feower "four;" from PIE root *kwetwer- "four") + -ing "fractional part." Cognate with Old Frisian fiardeng, Middle Low German verdink, Old Norse fjorðungr, Old Danish fjerdung "a fourth ...

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