Is timmy's dad dead?

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Because she also looks after Glory and Nora, Timmie worries about troubling her too much. Unbeknownst to Timmie, his father died from a hunting accident. Draff, his good friend, brought him to Grace as quickly as possible, but they were too late to save him.

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Also to know, What happens if you kill Timmie's Ducks?

Notes. Timmie will not get upset if you kill ducks before talking to him or giving him the Wheat. (New ducks will spawn after you give him the wheat.)

Regarding this, How do you get sorry Timmie?. Sorry, Timmie! is the commission that is given if the player kills the ducks during "Pigeon, Duck, and Child." It is guaranteed to appear the next day.

Furthermore, Where are the ducks in Genshin impact?

You can find Scarletbeak ducks in the water surrounding Mondstadt City.

How do I get rid of Timmy pigeons?

Carefully approach the pigeons without scaring them away, and then aim your Wind's Grand Ode skill (“Q” key on PC) to the pigeons. This will create a Stormeye that will instantly kill the pigeons and deliver the fowl that you were looking for.

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What is an emerald duck?

Emerald Duck Basic Information

This wild duck with brilliant green feathers adorning its head and neck is especially sensitive to changes in the wind. It enjoys frolicking in areas of warm water.

Who is Timmie Genshin impact?

Timmie is a little boy found on the bridge in front of the City of Mondstadt main gate. He likes to feed the pigeons and gets mad at the Traveler for making the pigeons fly away.

How do you get Timmie achievement Genshin?

This achievement unlocks when you take Timmie's commission about feeding the ducks in Cider Lake (I forgot the commission name sorry) and you end up killing one (or maybe more) ducks. Timmie will become angry at you and the next day, Grace the Nun (Timmie's mother) will commission you to reconcile with Timmie.

How do you hunt birds in Genshin?

Get Fowl by Hunting Birds near Water

Visit any areas near waters like lakes and beaches. Then, try to kill the birds using a bow before they have a chance to fly away. Make sure to equip a Bow or change to a character with a Bow before hunting for Birds.

Where are the birds in Genshin impact?

Where to find Fowl in Genshin Impact: Mondstadt Bridge: A flock of birds can always be found on the bridge near the Mondstadt gates. These birds can be killed with any long-range Area of Effect (AOE) damage dealer character such as Childe/Tartaglia, Fischl, Venti, Ganyu and Diluc.

Can you duck in Genshin impact?

Technically yes, practically no. Genshin Impact allows your characters to crouch only during specific stealth missions. Once the mission is complete, the ability to crouch is taken away from your character.

Why is Timmie hated Genshin?

Or you're irritated he's upset when you mow them all down and scare them off after sprinting through when this boy clearly has no other friends but these birds. Timmie hates it when you kill or frighten his birds, how bothersome. Anyway, endlessly torturing Timmie has become some sort of weird Genshin Impact ritual.

How old is Klee?

It's said he's the oldest of the Seven and fought in the Archon War, over 2.7k years ago. He is at least 6,000 years old. In his human form, he's probably around 30ish. Venti - the second oldest Archon.

How can I smash all of training dummies at once?

Destroy every dummy within two seconds of destroying the first one. Use big attacks such as a bomb, Sweeping Time, Explosive Puppet, or Elemental Burst to damage multiple or all dummies at a similar time.

Who is most duck in ODI?

Most ducks by Indian cricketers in ODIs
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Who is most duck in IPL?

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Why it is called duck out?

Duck is a bird but it is used as a term in the game of cricket. When a batsman gets out without scoring a run, it is said that he's out for a duck. ... It is also said that the name has come from the shape of the number “0”, which resembles duck's egg and hence scoring a '0' (zero) is called a 'duck'.