Is rafer weigel related to tim weigel?

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Background. Weigel grew up in a journalism household in Evanston, Illinois, the son of the Chicago television sportscaster and newspaper columnist Tim Weigel and former WGN Radio news anchor Kathy Worthington. He is the grandson of Weigel Broadcasting founder and former Lawrence Welk radio announcer John Jacob Weigel.

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Simply so, What happened to Weigel?

Rafer Weigel, the Chicago television news anchor who got caught up in a tawdry scandal involving texts of nude photos and allegations of revenge porn, said he was fired Monday from Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32. ... “Today my career at Fox 32 has come to an end,” Weigel wrote in a statement on social media.

Likewise, people ask, When did Tim Weigel die?. Weigel, 56, died Sunday, June 17, in his home in Evanston, a year to the day after he had been operated on for a brain tumor. His battle with the disease was waged in a public manner that not only inspired many people in similar circumstances but also was in keeping with Mr. Weigel's forthright persona.

Subsequently, question is, How old is Tim Weigel?

CHICAGO (AP) – Longtime Chicago sportscaster Tim Weigel died Sunday morning at his home in Evanston, Ill. He was 56. Weigel died at 5:20 a.m. Sunday, his son, Rafer Weigel, said.

Is Jenniffer Weigel married?

After almost 8 years, they welcomed their first child, Britt Timothy Champlin, on 14 April 2006.

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Why was Tim Weigel fired in 1994?

For a brief time at WLS-TV (1981-1983), Weigel was a news anchor, but he largely was the station's lead sports anchor during his tenure at the station, which lasted from 1977 until December 1994, when he was fired to make way for Mark Giangreco. ... He also began writing a sports column for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Where is Dawn Hasbrouck?

Hasbrouck has two young sons and lives in Chicago.

Who hosts Good Day Chicago?

Scott Schneider co-anchors Good Day Chicago.

Is Dawn Hasbrouck married?

Hasbrouck is married to her Ronald Johnson since September 2006.

What happened to Bill Bellis on Fox 32 Chicago?

It's over and out for Bill Bellis as chief meteorologist at Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32. He delivered his final forecast Friday. “Bill has helped the people of Chicago survive many historic weather events,” news director Matt Piacente told staffers in an email.

What kind of brain tumor did Gene Siskel have?

Gene Siskel was operated on for glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, in the spring of 1998. Only his wife knew of the diagnosis—he chose not to even tell his children. He was back at work nearly immediately, and only when he became symptomatic again in early 2009, did he request a leave of absence from his show.

Who is Mark Giangreco married to?

Who Mark Giangreco's wife, Cindy? Mark Giangreco and his wife Cindy have been married since 2005 and have 3 sons together: Mark, Christopher and Matt.

Is Tia Ewing related to Russ Ewing?

Is Tia Ewing Related To Russ Ewing? Ewing is not related to Russ Ewing. However, they do share the same surname. Russ was an American broadcast journalist in Chicago from 1967 to the late 1990s.

How old is Scott Schneider?

Scott Schneider Age

He is around 45 years old.

How old is Strehl?

Mark Strehl Age

He is 60 years old as of 2020.

How old is Kaitlin Cody?

Kaitlin Cody Age

She was born on April 6, 1990, in Detroit suburb, in the United States. Kaitlin is 31 years old.