Is horseshoe bend open?

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Horseshoe Bend NMP is open every day except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. The park boat ramp is open from dawn to dusk daily. For park emergency closure information select Option 4 after calling 256-234-7111.

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Then, Can I visit Horseshoe Bend on my own?

No, you can see horseshoe bend travelling independently. It is quite a walk to get there, 20 mins walk at a brisk pace, but so worth it!

Keeping this in consideration, Do you have to pay to see Horseshoe Bend?. For the first time in its relatively short history as an international tourism destination, Horseshoe Bend now has an entry fee. Visitors must pay $10 per vehicle to park in the newly improved and expanded lot. Motorcyclists will pay $5, and fees for buses range from $35-$140, based on the number of passengers.

Keeping this in mind, Can you drive up to Horseshoe Bend?

Getting To Horseshoe Bend By Car

From Page, drive south on Highway 89 and look for the exit lane and dirt road between mile 544 and 545 (on the west side of the road). There'll be a sign saying “Horseshoe Bend Overlook.” You'll see the parking lot shortly after you turn off the main road.

What is the best time to go to Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is best viewed late morning or mid day. The 'bend and river are in shadow at other times. At or just before sunset, the sun will be in your eyes and the bend will be in shadow. It's best viewed mid day to early afternoon.”

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How much time do you need at Horseshoe Bend?


There is a 130 miles distance between the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, which takes about two and a half hours. You can visit whichever you prefer first, but I highly recommend including these two wonders in your West Coast trip.

How far is Antelope Canyon from Horseshoe Bend?

Just 7 Miles from Horseshoe Bend

Find out why Antelope Canyon has become one of the most photographed slot canyons in the world.

How many have died at Horseshoe Bend?


Mary Plumb, spokesperson for Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, said that there have been six deaths at the overlook – three of which were accidental. The first fall was a Greek tourist in 2010, before the overlook gained its current popularity, Plumb said.

Are there bathrooms at Horseshoe Bend?

Yes. There are bunches of restroom.

Is Horseshoe Bend an easy hike?

This trail is short and mostly easy, but this is one of the most popular routes in the Glen Canyon National Recreation area, so users should expect that this area will be quite busy when not moving along the trails.

Is Horseshoe Bend worth seeing?

Once a quiet cliff-side lookout that offered expansive views of this dramatic bend in the Colorado river from over a thousand meters above, today Horseshoe Bend is far from quiet, but it's just as beautiful as it was before tourism discovered it, and it's easily one of the best places to visit in Arizona.

How hard is Horseshoe Bend hike?

It's not too difficult although summers can be very hot as there is no shade with the exception of a small gazebo structure halfway to the overlook. The hike will start from the parking lot and is extremely easy to follow. The first part of the trail up to the gazebo is all uphill, but it is a gentle climb.

Can I visit Horseshoe Bend at night?

Be aware that the roads to Horseshoe Bend are extremely dark at night, so you want to start your journey early in the morning and enjoy the beautiful sunset on your way. ... The Horseshoe Bend hike is approximately 1.3 miles round trip in length from the parking lot to the end of the trail (about 0.6 miles each way).

How deep is the water at Horseshoe Bend?

Here at Horseshoe Bend, the Colorado River created a roughly 1,000 ft (305 m) deep, 270º horseshoe-shaped bend in Glen Canyon.

Can you swim at the Horseshoe Bend?

Pick Your Destination

Horseshoe Bend (and by extension Glen Canyon) offers a variety of different activities. Because Lake Powell is within the recreational area, visitors can bring a boat or jet ski and swim in the lake as a great family outing.

Has anyone jumped off Horseshoe Bend?

A teen falls to her death at Horseshoe Bend, a popular photo destination. ... The family reported her missing on Christmas Eve around 4 p.m., two hours after they last saw her at the Horseshoe Bend overlook. The girl's body was located 700 feet below the overlook, and search and rescue team recovered it the following day.

Is Horseshoe Bend Az open during Covid?

There are no COVID-19 limitations or closures right now at Horseshoe Bend, however, so it's possible to visit. You'll want to wear your mask, stay at least six feet away from other parties, and follow all the other local guidelines.

Can you fly a drone at Horseshoe Bend?

You can't fly in ANY National Parks, National Recreation Areas, or National Monuments. Horseshoe Bend is in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Completely off limits to drones.

Can you see Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in one day?

Don't worry — you can experience some of the most breathtaking sights that the American Southwest has to offer by visiting Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in a single day.