In bull shoals arkansas?

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Bull Shoals is a city in Marion County, Arkansas, United States, founded in 1954. The population was 1,950 at the 2010 census. Primarily a retirement and vacation center, Bull Shoals is bordered in three directions by the clear, deep, man-made Bull Shoals Lake.

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Similarly one may ask, What is at the bottom of Bull Shoals Lake?

Bull Shoals Lake covers 45,000 acres (182 km²) with a 700-mile (1,120-km) shoreline at powerpool to more than 70,000 acres (284 km²)with a 1,000-mile (1,600-km) shoreline at 690 feet. The bottom of the lake consists of bedrock with very limited vegetation. The shoreline is heavily forested.

In this regard, What city is Bull Shoals Lake in?. Bull Shoals is a resort town in the Ozark Mountains Region in north-central Arkansas. Located about 10 miles south of the Arkansas-Missouri state line, the terrain of the area is heavily wooded on rolling hills.

Similarly one may ask, Is there a town under Bull Shoals Lake?

Bull Shoals today is an incorporated town in Marion County overlooking Bull Shoals Dam, Bull Shoals Lake and White River. It has a city-form of government with a mayor and city council. ... This helped open traffic from the southern part of the state to North-central Arkansas and Marion County. Mr.

What is the highest Bull Shoals Lake has ever been?

Bull Shoals was at its lowest level in 1954 when the Corps of Engineers was using it to argue for more dams above it on the White, and it has been near 700 feet above sea level in the early '80s and again in 1990. In 1957, the lake was at its highest level ever, at 694.4.

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What is the purpose of Bull Shoals Lake?

History of Bull Shoals Lake

The artificial lake was created in 1951 by the construction of Bull Shoals Dam in order for the Army Corps of Engineers to impound and prevent flooding from the White River, as well as to produce hydroelectric power.

What restaurants are in Bull Shoals Arkansas?

Top Restaurants in Bull Shoals
  • The Barn Cafe.
  • Gaston's White River Resort.
  • 178 Club.
  • Hank and Katie's Bakery and Cafe.
  • Bush's Pizza.
  • Beacon Point.
  • Connies Cafe.
  • Big Daddy's Lakeside Seafood.

What is the deepest part of Bull Shoals Lake?

The average depth of Bull Shoals lake is 70 feet. Many places in the main channel reach over 100 feet deep, with a maximum depth of 210 feet.

What kind of fish are in Bull Shoals Lake?

Scrappy largemouth bass, spotted bass and white bass abound in the lake, along with crappie, channel cat, bream and walleye. Largemouth bass fishing is a popular sport on Bull Shoals Lake. Bass weighing up to 12 pounds are caught here.

Is Bull Shoals Lake clean?

Bull Shoals Lake is a water sports paradise. The clean waters attract fishermen, scuba divers, boaters, and swimmers during the long warm-weather season of north central Arkansas.

Why is it called Bull Shoals Lake?

The site was adopted into the state park system in 1955 after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created the lake by constructing Bull Shoals Dam on the White River. Bull Shoals was named by early French hunters and trappers who used the word “Boill,” meaning a large spring, to describe the area.

What is normal pool for Bull Shoals Lake?

Bull Shoals level or normal pool level is 654 feet above sea level. Flood pool is 695 feet.

What restaurants are in Mountain Home Arkansas?

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How far is Branson from Bull Shoals Lake?

Distance from Bull Shoals, AR to Branson, MO

There are 39.66 miles from Bull Shoals to Branson in northwest direction and 76 miles (122.31 kilometers) by car, following the US-62 and US-65 and US-412 route. Bull Shoals and Branson are 1 hour 43 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How do you get to Bull Shoals Lake?

From Tulsa, Oklahoma: Take I-44 east to 33/412; take 33/412 to Siloam Springs AR; take 412 to Alpena, AR; take 65/412 through Harrison to 62/412; take 62/412 east to Flippin, AR; take 178 to Bull Shoals. At Brass Door Inn turn left on Shorecrest Drive, then take first left and follow to Bull Shoals Boat Dock.