In athletics what is steeplechase?

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Steeplechase, in athletics (track-and-field), a footrace over an obstacle course that includes such obstacles as water ditches, open ditches, and fences.

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Beside the above, Is steeplechase an Olympic event?

The steeplechase at the Summer Olympics has been held over several distances and is the longest track event with obstacles held at the multi-sport event. The men's 3000 metres steeplechase has been present on the Olympic athletics programme since 1920. ... It is the most prestigious steeplechase track race at elite level.

In this regard, What steeplechase consists of?. Steeplechase combines different skills into one race: distance running, hurdling, and long jumping. The race is 3000 meters long, which is just shy of two miles (or seven-and-a-half laps around the track). Throughout the 3000 meters, runners must clear 28 hurdles and seven water jumps.

Moreover, Why do they call it a steeplechase?

Like many track and field events, the steeplechase's origins can be traced back to United Kingdom. ... The steeples were chosen because they were easy to see from long distances, leading to the name "steeplechase." The countryside would also require runners to jump over various barriers over the course of their race.

What are the rules for steeplechase?

What are the rules of steeplechase? During the course of the event, each runner has to clear 28 fixed barriers and seven water jumps to make it to the finish line. It includes a bit over seven laps with a fraction of lap without any barriers. Each of these seven laps have a standard length of 400m.

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What are the three techniques of steeplechase?

Steeplechase Technique
  • Have your steeplechaser or your distance runners run a 70 second pace,
  • Then put your intermediate hurdler next to him and have your intermediate hurdler run along with him at the 70 second pace over five hurdles,

How many laps is a steeplechase?

The standard steeplechase distance is 3,000 meters, or about 1.875 miles for the metrically challenged. That's seven and a half laps. You'll occasionally see a 2,000-meter race run as an exhibition, and juniors and youth athletes typically run 2,000 or 1,500 meters.

How deep is the steeplechase water?

Spanning 12ft long and 27.6in (70cm) deep at its deepest, the water pit forces runners to consider their strategy. Some choose to hurdle and land in the water, while others step up on the barrier to jump as far as they can.

What's the difference between Steeplechase and hurdle?

A steeplechase is a distance horse race in which competitors are required to jump diverse fence and ditch obstacles. ... In Ireland and the United Kingdom, it refers only to races run over large, fixed obstacles, in contrast to "hurdle" races where the obstacles are much smaller.

What is it called when horses jump hurdles?

A Hurdle race is a horse race where the horses jump over obstacles called hurdles. These are smaller than fences and are a minimum of three and a half feet high. ... These longer races are known as stayers' hurdles. They tend to be run at a faster pace than steeplechases as the height of the fence is much lower.

How many laps is 1500 meters?

1,500 metres is three and three-quarter laps around a 400-metre track.

What is steeplechase hurdle?

The steeplechase is also contested at a distance of 2,000 metres in international meets, though not at the Olympic Games. ... Hurdles are 91.4 cm (36 inches) high, and one of them, which has a top bar of 12.7 cm (5 inches), is placed immediately in front of the water jump, which is 3.66 metres (12 feet) long.

How many barriers does steeplechase have?

The steeplechase is 3000 m long with four barriers and one water pit per lap. The water pit is a barrier followed by a 3.66-m long water pit, typically about 0.7 m at the deepest point (Fig. 1).

What makes a good steeplechase runner?

Like the 400 meter hurdles, the steeplechase requires a great deal of well-rounded athleticism and a unique blend of multiple talents. The strongest steeplechasers not only possess the perfect combination of speed and endurance, but also a bit more coordination and balance than the average distance runner.

Is 3000m an Olympic event?

In men's athletics, 3000 metres has been an Olympic discipline only as a team race at the 1912, 1920 and 1924 Summer Olympics. ... In women's athletics, 3000 metres was a standard event in the Olympic Games (1984 to 1992) and World Championships (1980 to 1993).

What is the last person in a relay race called?

The last person to run in a relay is called the anchor. Races where legs are of different distances are called medley relays. The most popular relays are the 4 X 100-m (the four by 100 meter relay, which means each of the four runners runs a 100 meter dash) and the 4 X 400-m.

What is a good 3000 meter steeplechase time?

The official world records in the 3000 metres steeplechase are held by Saif Saaeed Shaheen of Qatar at 7:53.63 minutes for men and Beatrice Chepkoech of Kenya at 8:44.32 for women.

How many steeples does a 3000 m steeplechase have?

Athletes in a 3000m steeple race will not face H3, H4, or H5 during their first half lap of running. Their first jump is H1 and they will face five jumps, including the water, in each of seven complete "steeple laps" or a total of 35 jumps in the race.

How many laps is the 5000m?

The 5000m includes 12.5 laps of the track. Although this discipline has more of the character of a middle distance, speed is as important a component as in any race.