How to breed red spotted severum?

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Breeding Information
The parents will clean off a flat rock surface or section of driftwood and the female will lay between 200-800 eggs; the male will fertilize them and then the female will tend to the eggs while the male patrols the perimeter.

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Secondly, How can you tell if a Severum is male or female?

The males normally have pointed fins and reddish-brown spots and "worm-like" markings on their heads. Females usually have a dark patch on the dorsal fin. The Gold Severum does not pair as readily as other South American Cichlids, and may take a bit longer.

Similarly one may ask, Can different Severums mate?. Technically, they don't physically mate, they spawn, which is a form of external fertilization. Before spawning, the male and female will clear their chosen spawning site, usually a flat rock, of any debris. Then they will begin to engage in pairing behaviors, like tail-slapping or lip-locking.

Additionally, How long do Severum eggs take to hatch?

Eggs will hatch in 3-5 days depending on the temperature of the tank. I don't see a problem with removing the fry once they do hatch as sometimes young parents may eat their young until they get the hang of things.

How fast do baby Severums grow?

Severums are suppose to reach their max 10-12" size in 1.5-2 years, which works out to be about 1/2-3/4" growth per month average.

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How do you know if Severum eggs are fertile?

Any female can/will lay eggs whether or not there's a male around to fertilize them. Infertile eggs will quickly turn white, if they're fertile they'll likely hatch in a couple days.

Why do Severum chase each other?

<Cichlids generally will attempt to mate, and Severums can be quite aggressive when this happens.> They chase her around the tank and pick at her, never each other or any of the other fish. She hides in our fake plants most of the time now, and only comes out when it is time to eat, or the males are resting.

Do Severums need to be in pairs?

The Golden Severum are a captive bred color form of the Severum. Like their parentage they are open breeders and both parents will care for the young. They do not pair up as readily as some, so buy 6 to 8 young (just like with Discus) and let them choose their partners.

Why are my Severums kissing?

Could well be, it is usually the precursor to spawning or just sorting out who is dominant.

Will Severums eat small fish?

Severums will eat anything they can get in their mouth, and so cannot be housed with community fish such as tetras.

What fish can I keep with Severum?

The best Severum tank mates among the most popular species are the Blue, Pearl, Kissing, and Moonlight Gourami. Smaller species like Dwarf, Honey, and Croaking Gouramis are at risk of being bullied, if not eaten, by a Severum. Gourami are mostly tank-bred and thrive in a wide range of water conditions.

Can Severums live together?

Severum can grow up to 8 inches in length. They can be kept as a pair or in a South American Cichlid aquarium with other Cichlids who share similar temperament & water parameters.

Can I keep a single Severum?

Severums are fine a lone most people keep severums in breeding pairs or alone. Or they can be kept in good sized groups. But they do tend to fight eachother so one is fine. They are not discus.

How many Severums are in a 125?

A 125 would be a beautiful display tank for 6 but when a pair forms as is almost certain it wont be large enough for all. Give the pair their own 50 or 75.

How often should I feed my Severum?

The severum generally flourishes when he gets to eat small portions several times throughout the day. This is generally preferable to feeding him a big meal once a day. Doing this helps maintain the optimal condition of the tank's water. Never give your fish more food than he can eat in a span of a few minutes.

Are Gold Severums aggressive?

The Gold Severum, also known as the Banded Cichlid, is a color variation of Heros severus Severum. ... The Gold Severum can be aggressive when spawning, and for this reason should only be housed with other semi-aggressive fish. Differentiating between the male and female is very difficult.

What color are fertilized Severum eggs?

The eggs that are white are unlikely to be fertile and they will probably eat them, if they dont, they may go fungusy and you will need to remove them so it doesnt spread to the fertile eggs, fertile eggs go a yellow/cream colour, so sounds like some are indeed fertile, let us know how you get on.