How do you say indubitably?

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Here's how to say it: "in-DOO-bit-a-blee." And while it is more of an old-fashioned adverb, indubitably remains a unique way to say "undoubtedly." In fact, doubt and indubitably share a root in the Latin word dubitabilis, meaning "doubtful." Adding the prefix in- makes something done indubitably without a doubt.

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People also ask, What is meant by indubitably?

Indubitably is an adverb that means “impossible to doubt.” You know what doubt means—it's the feeling you get when you're not certain about something or you're not convinced about something. ... Indubitably is an adverbial form of the adjective indubitable, which carries the same meaning.

Correspondingly, How do you use indubitably in a sentence?. Indubitably Sentence Examples

He was indubitably the most extraordinary of all the Catherinian favourites. After his cousin Gustavus Adolphus, whom in many respects he strikingly resembled, he was indubitably the most amiable and brilliant of all the princes of the House of Vasa.

Then, What is a synonym for indubitably?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for indubitably, like: unquestionably, undoubtedly, absolutely, agreed, assuredly, roger, yes, beyond doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt, yea and yeah.

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What is a fancy word for yes?

SYNONYMS. all right, alright, very well, of course, by all means, sure, certainly, absolutely, indeed, affirmative, in the affirmative, agreed, roger. Scottish, Northern English archaic aye. aye aye. informal yeah, yah, yep, yup, uh-huh, okay, OK, okey-dokey, okey-doke.

What's the difference between Undoubtedly and indubitably?

As adverbs the difference between undoubtedly and indubitably. is that undoubtedly is without doubt while indubitably is in a manner that leaves no possibility of doubt; undoubtedly.

What does vitriolic diatribe mean?

–noun. a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism.

Did Sherlock Holmes say indubitably?

After all, if it was good enough for Sherlock Holmes, it's good enough for you — "Indubitably, my dear Watson..." was his frequent preface to his less-quick-on-the-uptake sidekick.

What does indubitable mean in English?

: too evident to be doubted : unquestionable.

What does undoubtedly mean?

adverb. certainly or definitely; unquestionablyhe is undoubtedly talented.

What does Indubiously mean?

indubious (comparative more indubious, superlative most indubious) Not dubious or doubtful; certain. Not doubting; unsuspecting.

Can you answer a question with indubitably?

Indubitably means that something is impossible to doubt or unquestionable. ... Combined with the prefix -in, it means without a doubt. Only use this word when you are convinced that something is 100% true. It can be used as a response to question.

Is it undoubtedly or undoubtably?

The difference between Undoubtably and Undoubtedly

When used as adverbs, undoubtably means without doubt, whereas undoubtedly means without doubt. Undoubtably as an adverb (sometimes, _, considered, _, nonstandard): Without doubt; indubitably, undoubtedly.