Does mishima always rank up?

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You automatically rank up almost every time you spend time with Mishima, so the choices you make in conversation don't affect the results. As such, you also don't need to have a Moon arcana Persona because of that. Mishima can be found at night, first in Shibuya, then in Shinjuku, and then in Akihabara.

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Correspondingly, Does Kasumi rank up automatically?

As with all Persona 5 Royal Confidants, you'll attain the Faith Confidant's first rank automatically. It takes place during a new event on May 30. It's not narratively significant, but we won't spoil it anyway so you can experience it fresh.

Accordingly, How do you level up Mishima?. You'll have to take time out to hang out with Mishima, but in order to level up his confidant relationship you'll also need to undertake requests in Mementos. Doing requests makes Mishima happy, and then the next time you see him youi'll be able to rank up.

One may also ask, Does Yoshida rank up every time?

Yoshida's Confidant is one of the easiest to complete, as it always ranks up each time the protagonist goes to see him, even if the protagonist doesn't have a Sun Arcana Persona in his possession.

Where is Iwai?

Iwai is the owner and operator of the Airsoft Shop in Shibuya's Central Street (the place where you buy your weapons). He's quite mysterious, and early on in the game he hands you a paper bag that becomes the catalyst to recruiting him as the Hanged Man Confidant.

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When can you hang out with Yoshida?

Yoshida has the least amount of availability out of all the Confidants and is usually only free on Sundays. However, he doesn't require a lot of effort to rank up if you keep meeting him on Sunday.

When can I max out Mishima?

He doesn't need to be done before December. His last requests is Dec 3rd, not 10th. He can't be done in December until you clear that Palace. Supposedly one of the guides says to save doing the palace until the last moment.

When can I hang out with Mishima?

Mishima can be found at night, first in Shibuya, then in Shinjuku, and then in Akihabara. He is not available when it rains but is usually available otherwise. However, his availability seems to be dependent on the Phantom Thieves completing requests that he sends you, so make sure you get those done.

Does Mishima have deadline?

User Info: Freedom1070. The trick with Mishima in December in vanilla, and as far as I recall of Royal, is that he will be available, but only after you defeat the 7th Palace boss. It doesn't have to be after the deadline, just the boss needs to be finished.

Where does Mishima hang?

Mishima hangs out in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara — his location will change as you unlock each area. Each new ability makes it easier to level up your whole time, so the quicker you can bond with him, the better.

Does Mishima know who the phantom thieves are?

He knows Joker's the leader and he knows about Ryuji and Ann being Phantom Thieves.

Does Mishima get a persona?

This greatly alarms the protagonist that Mishima is most likely trying to take advantage of the Phantom Thieves, and warns that he might go after him instead. ... This greatly weakens Yaldabaoth and gives the protagonist enough power to evolve Arsène into his ultimate Persona, Satanael, and defeat Yaldabaoth.

Who is Joker's Canon girlfriend?

Kasumi met Joker, fell in love with him, and became Sumire. The parallels are clearly obvious.

What happens if you don't max Kasumi?

Kasumi has no effect on the ending whatsoever. That being said, you need to get her to 5 by 12/22, otherwise she will forever be stuck at 4 (until next playthrough). Again, no bearing on the ending, but you will miss out on the rest of her social link.

When can you get Kasumi to rank 6?

Her Confidant is special in that when it begins, you won't be able to progress it past Rank 5 at first. Once you've reached the max level before 12/22, you are able to unlock Rank 6 - 10/MAX starting from January 13th if you unlocked the new semester.

Which confidant Should I max first?

The first recommended Confidant to max out is Temperance. It has a lot to do with activities concerning free time. Upon ranking up to level 3, it will allow you to avail two services from Kawakami.

What is the fastest way to level up confidants?

Confidant rank will increase at a faster rate if you have a persona that belongs to the same arcana as the character in question. For example, hanging out with Ryuji while you have a persona of the Chariot arcana in your possession will make it easier to level up his confidant rank.

How do you make a sandalphon?

Sandalphon is the ultimate Persona of the Moon Arcana and can only be obtained through fusion in the Velvet Room once the Moon Confidant with Yuuki Mishima is completed. He is the first Persona to learn the Angelic Grace skill and the only source of the Repel Curse skill.