Do i need 53 thieving for desert treasure?

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This forms the longest and most tedious requirement of the Desert Treasure quest. The most efficient way to get 53 Thieving will be through a mixture of quests and manual training.

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Also asked, Do you need 52 Thieving for desert treasure?

TIP: You only need 52 for desert treasure, you can get something called a 'Bandit's Brew' at the Bandit Camp Pub for ~650 coins, it raises your thieving by 1 (get a load, you're likely to take at least 50 lockpicks).

Keeping this in mind, What are the requirements for desert treasure?.
  • 53 Thieving (Cannot be boosted)
  • 50 Firemaking.
  • 10 Slayer - not required if you have a Gas mask from Plague City.
  • 50 Magic (Cannot be boosted)
  • Completion of the following quests: The Dig Site. Druidic Ritual. Temple of Ikov. The Tourist Trap. Troll Stronghold. Death Plateau. Priest in Peril. Waterfall Quest.

One may also ask, Is thieving Boostable for desert treasure?

Skills/other requirements: 53 Thieving (Cannot Boost)

How long does it take to get 53 thieving?

If you are not interested in blackjacking from 45 onwards, Fruit Stalls remain a viable option and should take 2-3 hours till 53. Similar rates can be expected at Master Farmers, and slightly more at Pyramid Plunder.

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How do you get to Pyramid Plunder Osrs?

  1. Access to the city of Sophanem. Having started the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper, or teleporting to Jalsavrah via a Pharaoh's sceptre.
  2. 21 Thieving or higher ( 71+ strongly recommended) -- note: Boosts do NOT work to access higher levels.

Should I use desert treasure bosses in NMZ?

Just make sure you protect from magic when Kamil spawns so you can warp him next to you. If you want points, if you want xp then use only 5 bosses without DT. Points yes.

Can you do desert treasure with 1 prayer?

No, you must do the required quests to start and finish desert treasure which include getting 13 prayer from quest awards. Unless you get a rollback then this is not possible.

Can you boost 53 thieving?

You need 53 thieving for Desert Treasure and this cannot be boosted.

Is Desert Treasure hard?

its not really hard....just long.... I've done it a few times on 1 def/1 prayer still wasn't very difficult....but of course the level of difficulty is relative.

How long does it take to complete Desert Treasure?

So a 30 min quest will take you 45 mins. If you're over leveled about an hour, otherwise 2 at the most I would wager.

Do you need ice gloves for desert treasure?

The ice gloves are used in Heroes' Quest to pick up the Entrana firebird's fire feather, and have uses in other quests, such as the Clock Tower, Desert Treasure, Watchtower, and Recipe for Disaster. You do not need to start Heroes' Quest to obtain the ice gloves.

Can you desert treasure without prayer?

Items: Lots of food (Monkfish or better, over 200 may be needed), many casts for all of 4 of your best elemental spells (Each boss is weak to different elements.) Desert Treasure is one of the hardest quests, but with the right knowledge, it can be done without protection prayers and even one defense.

How do you kill Damis?

The best method to defeat Damis is to get the attention of (but not kill) the bat or one of two giant rats found nearby and luring Damis and the other aggressive monsters behind it. Unlike the skeletons and Shadow Hounds, they will prevent other monsters passing through them.

How do you beat dessous?

Dessous is weak to Magic, especially Wind spells, as well as Ranged and Stab. Iban Blast and Trident of the seas/swamp are also effective. Dessous using his bat attack.

Can you die in nightmare zone?

This minigame is safe, meaning you will not lose items on death; however, any items you drop manually on the ground will be lost if you die, as you will be taken away from the arena.

Can overloads kill you Osrs?

Overloads will not let you drink a dose if you have less than 51 hitpoints. If you locator orb or dwarven rock cake too low while the overload still has damage left to deal, you will die.

Is NMZ good money?

NMZ isn't a good way to make money. The fastest methods for getting points are 1M+ points per hour. With herb boxes being worth about 1.25 gp per point that sounds really good, but it actually not. You are limited to buying 15 herb boxes per day, which is about 142k worth of points points.

What level should I start Pyramid Plunder?

A player at level 71-80 will thus gain the following experience in a five minutes game on an average: 640 (chests from Room 4 to 6) 2,700 (9 urns in Room 5) 5,850 (13 urns in Room 6)