Can steeple be used as a verb?

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Verb. (transitive) To form something into the shape of a steeple. He steepled his fingers as he considered the question.

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In this regard, What does it mean to steeple?

: a tall structure usually having a small spire at the top and surmounting a church tower broadly : a whole church tower.

Hereof, How do you use steeple in a sentence?.
Usesteeple” in a sentence | “steeplesentence examples
  • A steeple tops the church.
  • I checked my watch against the steeple clock.
  • I can see the church steeple, the church I married in, full of hope.
  • The bells in a far steeple began chiming the hour.

Also question is, Is steepled a word?

stee·pled. adj. 1. Having steeples or a steeple: a tiny, steepled church.

How do you spell the word steeple?

Correct spelling for the English word "steeple" is [stˈiːpə͡l], [stˈiːpə‍l], [s_t_ˈiː_p_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).
63 words made out of letters STEEPLE
  1. pst,
  2. lee,
  3. see,
  4. sep,
  5. pee,
  6. let,
  7. tee,
  8. set,

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What words rhymes with steeple?

What rhymes with steeple?
  • 1 syllable. Skull. Dull. Will. Null. Tull. Cul. ...
  • 2 syllables. People. Eagle. Lethal. Needle. Evil. Legal. ...
  • 3 syllables. Illegal. Serial. Cerebral. Cereal. Deceitful. Medieval. ...
  • 4 syllables. Material. Imperial. Venereal. Ethereal. Industrial. ...
  • 5 syllables. Territorial. Immaterial. Individual.
  • 6 syllables. Extraterrestrial.

What does getting boomed mean?

1. To make a deep, resonant sound. 2. To grow, develop, or progress rapidly; flourish: Business is booming.

Is Boom an adjective?

adjective. caused by or characteristic of a boom: boom prices.

What type of verb is booming?

​[intransitive] to have a period of rapid growth; to become bigger, more successful, etc. By the 1980s, the computer industry was booming. Business is booming!

What is Steeple analysis used for?

STEEPLE analysis is a very helpful tool to prompt helpful decisions in favor of an organization by analyzing the internal factors of the company and external elements. It helps to find out the position of a business in the external environment.

What is the steeple called?

Steeple, tall ornamental tower, sometimes a belfry, usually attached to an ecclesiastical or public building. The steeple is usually composed of a series of diminishing stories and is topped by a spire, cupola, or pyramid (qq.

What is the difference between a spire and steeple?

As nouns the difference between spire and steeple

is that spire is or spire can be one of the sinuous foldings of a serpent or other reptile; a coil while steeple is a tall tower, often on a church, normally topped with a spire.

What does it mean to steeple your hands?

Hand steepling

The hand steeple is performed by placing the fingertips of both hands together, spreading them, and then arching the hands so that the tips of the fingers look like a church steeple. This is a universal display of confidence and is often used by those in a leadership position.

Is Boom a real word?

boom noun [C] (DEEP SOUND)

a deep, loud sound: What you heard was the boom of a rocket.

What does boomed mean in slang?

BOOM means "Amazing".

Why is it called a boom?

The word "boom" is the Dutch word for tree. German is similar: "baum." Remember "O Tannenbaum," a Christmas carol of German origin? From these roots, we get the word "beam" as in a long wooden timber, and of course, a part of a sailboat, the "boom," that holds the foot of the sail and was traditionally made of wood.

Why are there steeples on churches?

Steeples are commonly seen on Christian churches because they enhance the lines of the building and create an aesthetically pleasing effect. ... Secondly it would house the bells and ensure they were elevated above other buildings so the sound wouldn't be blocked and would therefore travel further.