Can a person be tentative?

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If someone is tentative, they are cautious and not very confident because they are uncertain or afraid.

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Beside the above, What does it mean if someone is tentative?

Choose the adjective tentative to describe something you are unsure or hesitant about. On Monday, you can make tentative plans for the weekend, but it's too early to commit to one party or another. Tentative, from the Latin tentātīvus, "testing, trying," always describes something that is uncertain.

Keeping this in consideration, How do you use the word tentative?.
Tentative in a Sentence ?
  1. The time of the party is tentative and subject to change. ...
  2. Due to the storm, the plane's arrival time is tentative. ...
  3. The employees were not happy when they learned their pay raises were tentative and could be cancelled at any moment.

Beside the above, Can a gesture be tentative?

Hand-touching can make you look tentative and nervous, which could cause observers to think you are hiding something or not being honest, or that you lack confidence.

How do you explain tentatively?

as a trial, experiment, or attempt: Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 8th of June. in a hesitant or uncertain manner: She spoke tentatively, but apparently thought better of it and stopped.

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What is an example of tentative?

The definition of tentative is not definite or final. ... An example of tentative is possible, though not definite, plans to go to the movies sometime on Friday.

What does a tentative yes mean?

1 provisional or experimental; conjectural. 2 hesitant, uncertain, or cautious.

What is tentative delivery?

Expected delivery date is the tentative date by which your order will reach your customer's doorstep. It is visible on the customized tracking page sent to the customer.

What is a tenacious?

1a : not easily pulled apart : cohesive a tenacious metal. b : tending to adhere or cling especially to another substance tenacious burs. 2a : persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired a tenacious advocate of civil rights tenacious negotiators.

What is a good sentence for the word tentative?

Tentative sentence example. Dean took a deep breath and crept a few tentative steps into the darkness. He couldn't go home and let Sarah and Connor see how tentative his composure was.

What does tentative exam mean?

It usually means that details about the exam (such as date, time, location, etc.) are subject to change. The schedule is tentative, meaning that it's not finalized and may change.

What is a tentative effort?

of the nature of or made or done as a trial, experiment, or attempt; experimental: a tentative report on her findings.

How do you identify a tentative language?

Examples of tentative phrases/vocabulary include: may/might/can/could • possibly/probably • it is likely/possible/unlikely/probable • tends to • appears to • suggests that • seems to Page 2 Developed by Learning Advisers 2 Notice how the meaning of each sentence becomes more tentative.

What is the best synonym for tentative?

  • unconvinced.
  • undecided.
  • unresolved.
  • unsettled.
  • unsure.
  • vacillating.
  • wavering.
  • without belief.

What is the antonym of the word tentative?

tentative. Antonyms: complete, constitutional, entire, essential, extreme, fundamental, ingrained, innate, native, natural, organic, original, perfect, positive, primitive, radical, thorough, thoroughgoing, total. Synonyms: conservative, inadequate, incomplete, moderate, palliative, partial, slight, superficial, trial.

Is being tenacious good or bad?

Tenacity is defined as "persistent determination". It is considered a good character trait since a tenacious character will achieve a goal they set despite any difficulties encountered while achieving that goal.

Is being tenacious a good thing?

If you answered: A. Tenacious is a mostly positive term. If someone calls you tenacious you're probably the kind of person who never gives up and never stops trying – someone who does whatever is required to accomplish a goal. You may also be very stubborn.